The Chickadee Way: Griffith Woods to Zoo Station

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Publication Date September 2019


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The Chickadee Way: Griffith Woods to Zoo Station is a 205 km Calgary long distance walk that begins in Griffith Woods and meanders through over 50 communities before finishing at Zoo Station. The route is divided into 19 walks or sections of reasonable length that start and finish at CTrain Stations or near bus stops. The route connects environmental reserves, parks, historic communities, riverbank paths, ponds and wetlands, coulees or ravines and escarpments. The Chickadee Way: Griffith Woods to Zoo Station is a unique way to explore the city.

Walks or Sections

  1. Griffith Woods to Battalion Park, 10.5 km
  2. Battalion Park to 69th Street Station, 8.8 km
  3. 69th Street Station to Aspen Stone Boulevard, 10.2 km
  4. Aspen Stone Boulevard to Cougar Ridge (77th Street), 9.0 km
  5. Cougar Ridge (77th Street) to 45th Street Station, 8.7 km
  6. 45th Street Station Loop (Glenbrook and Glamorgan), 11.0 km
  7. 45th Street Station to Westbrook Station, 14.4 km
  8. Westbrook Station to Garrison Square, 11.5 km
  9. Garrison Square to Shaganappi Point Station, 10.9 km
  10. Shaganappi Point Station to Nimmons Corner, 9.0 km
  11. Nimmons Corner to Victoria Park/Stampede Station, 10.6 km
  12. Victoria Park/Stampede Station to Mission Bridge, 10.8 km
  13. Mission Bridge to Lakeview (66th Avenue), 11.8 km
  14. Lakeview (66th Avenue) to Oakridge (24th Street), 12.4 km
  15. Oakridge (24th Street) to Heritage Drive (14th Street), 10.4 km
  16. Heritage Drive (14th Street) to Erlton/Stampede Station, 12.9 km
  17. Erlton/Stampede Station to Fire Hall No. 3, 10.5 km
  18. Fire Hall No. 3 (Inglewood Loop), 11.1 km
  19. Fire Hall No. 3 to Zoo Station, 10.3 km