The Blue Jay Way: Zoo Station to Hanson Ranch

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Colour maps and photos

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The Blue Jay Way: Zoo Station to Hanson Ranch is a 233 km Calgary long distance walk that begins at Zoo Station. The route is divided into 21 sections or walks of reasonable length that start and finish at CTrain Stations or near bus stops. The route is a journey through the city that links parks and green spaces, ponds and wetlands, coulees and ravines, escarpments and bluffs, older and newer communities while passing interesting buildings, heritage and history along the route. The Blue Jay Way: Zoo Station to Hanson Ranch is a unique way to experience the city.

Walks or Sections

  1. Zoo Station to Balmoral School, 10.8 km
  2. Balmoral School to University Station, 10.9 km
  3. University Station Loop (Triwood), 13.3 km
  4. University Station to Sunnyside Station, 11.3 km
  5. Sunnyside Station Loop (Sunnyside & Prince’s Island), 9.0 km
  6. Sunnyside Station Loop (Hillhurst & West Hillhurst), 11.4 km
  7. Sunnyside Station to John Hextall Bridge, 13.0 km
  8. John Hextall Bridge to Brentwood Station, 11.7 km
  9. Brentwood Station to Dalhart Road & 53rd Street, 10.1 km
  10. Dalhart Road & 53rd Street to Dalhousie Station, 8.4 km
  11. Dalhousie Station to Waterfall Valley (Silver Springs), 12.6 km
  12. Waterfall Valley (Silver Springs) to Bowness Park, 12.2 km
  13. Bowness Park and Valley Ridge Loop, 12.3 km
  14. Bowness Park to Tuscany Ravine Road, 13.8 km
  15. Tuscany Ravine Road to Tuscany Station, 12.4 km
  16. Tuscany Station to Royal Oak Way Wetlands, 9.3 km
  17. Royal Oak Way Wetlands to Tuscany Station, 9.4 km
  18. Tuscany Station to Hamptons Park, 9.3 km
  19. Hamptons Park to Edgevalley Drive Stairs, 9.5 km
  20. Edgevalley Drive Stairs & Edgepointe Village, 12.4 km
  21. Edgepointe Village to Hanson Ranch, 9.8 km