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Discover Northwest Calgary in a different way by getting off the train at one of the nine Northwest Stations and going exploring. View historic buildings in older communities and stroll along pathways in new residential areas. Visit natural areas, ponds, ravines, escarpments and more.

The walks vary from 2.1 km to 10.8 km in length.

Some walks begin and end at the station. Some walks are one way with a bus ride either to or from the station.

Some walks require a bus ride to and from the start and finish of the walk.

In 1987 the Northwest line began operating from Downtown to the University Station. Three years later the Northwest line was extended to Brentwood Station. In 2003 the Northwest line was extended one more station to Dalhousie. The Crowfoot Station on the Northwest line opened in June 2009. Tuscany Station opened in 2014.

Photos – clockwise from upper left (Pond in Edgemont Ravines, Calgary Soldiers’ Memorial, King George School, Bowness Park, West Campus Pond, Shouldice Park).

List of Walks

Sunnyside Station

  1. Sunnyside – Long Loop
  2. Sunnyside – Short Loop
  3. Riley Park & Westmount Boulevard
  4. Gladstone Road & Kensington Road
  5. Bow River Pathway & West Hillhurst
  6. Nose Hill Park (Rubbing Stone Hill)

SAIT/ACA/Jubilee Station

  1. Confederation Park
  2. Capitol Hill & Mount Pleasant
  3. Rosedale & Crescent Heights

Lions Park Station

  1. Briar Hill, St. Andrews Heights & Shagnessey Heights Park
  2. Bow River Pathway – 29th Street to Shouldice Park
  3. Lions Park & Hounsfield Heights

Banff Trail Station

  1. Banff Trail, Canmore Park & Collingwood
  2. University Heights & West Campus Pond 

University Station

  1. Campus – Short Loop
  2. Campus – Long Loop

Brentwood Station

  1. Research Park & Varsity Acres
  2. Nose Hill Park (Many Owls Valley) & Whispering Woods
  3. Brentwood Murals

Dalhousie Station

  1. Edgemont Ravines to Dalhousie Station
  2. Edgemont, Hawkwood & Ranchlands
  3. Edgemont Escarpment
  4. Bowmont Park (Waterfall Valley)
  5. Bowmont Park East
  6. Nose Hill Park (Meadowlark Prairie)
  7. Hidden Valley
  8. Hamptons

Crowfoot Station

  1. Citadel to Crowfoot Station
  2. Bowmont Park West, Baker Park & Bowness Park
  3. West Bowness & Valley Ridge Escarpment
  4. Bow Crescent & Bowness Road
  5. Scenic Acres

Tuscany Station

  1. Twelve Mile Coulee
  2. Tuscany Escarpment
  3. Tuscany North
  4. Royal Oak