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Walter was born in 1883 in Welling, Kent, England, the second youngest of nine children. He arrived in Banff in 1902 following in the footsteps of his older brother Bill, who came to Canada in 1887, and after whom Peyto Lake is named. Another older brother, Stephen and his family, lived in the Anthracite area just east of Banff for many years.

Walter started working in the Banff area by assisting Bill with his guiding and packhorse business. For two summers, Walter ran the first tourist saddle horse business for the CPR up to Sulphur Mountain Observatory.

Walter was appointed District One Fire and Game Warden in 1914. The warden for this district operated out of Banff. Walter worked for the Warden Service for 34 continuous years before retiring in 1948. Walter and his wife Rosabelle (nee Hay) raised their family of four sons and two daughters in their home which was located at 433 Banff Avenue.

Journal entries

October 21, 1932 – saw three boys going along track, went to sheep field at park and saw same boys on hillside who ran away, found old car 437 stripped, took Warren to town where he reported to Police Sgt Taylor who sent men to watch for boys, no success, two boys seen by Sgt later at barracks where boys confessed to taking parts.

October 30, 1932 – to buffalo park with boys re: assembling parts on car 437 which boys had been ordered to do by Magistrate Wilson.

September 6, 1933 – up near school keeping youngsters and grownups away from tree where two year old black bear was, waited for him to come down after dark and helped him out of town with a little salt and shot.

Photos – left (sheep trap) and right (Walter Peyto on the right at sheep trap)