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Walking Calgary's Escarpments and Bluffs

View of downtown Calgary from walking trail
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Page numbers refer to the book Walk Calgary's Escarpments and Bluffs
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Walk 1 - Tuscany to Bowness Park (p13)

Twelve Mile Coulee Twelve Mile Coulee Bowness Park

Walk 2 - Bowness Park to 40th Avenue (p21)

Valley Ridge Escarpment Bowmont Park Bowmont Park & Bow River

Walk 3 - 40th Avenue to Riley Park (p31)

Bowmont Park & Bow River West Campus Pond Burns Memorial Gardens

Walk 4 - 40th Avenue to West Hillhurst (p42)

Edworthy Park Douglas Fir Trail Viewpoint Douglas Fir Trail

Walk 5 - Riley Park to Fort Calgary (p53)

Crescent Road & McHugh Bluff Downtown from McHugh Bluff Tom Campbell's Hill Park

Walk 6 - Calgary Zoo to 64th Avenue (p64)

Nose Creek valley Laycock Park Laycock Park & Nose Creek

Walk 7 - 64th Avenue to Hanson Ranch (p71)

Confluence Park Split Rock in Confluence Park Panorama Hills Pathway

Walk 8 - Fort Calgary to Lakeview (p79)

Elbow River by Scotchman's Hill South of Earl Grey School Sandy Beach and Elbow River

Walk 9 - Lakeview to Heritage Park (p90)

Glenmore Reservoir Glenmore Reservoir Glenmore Reservoir

Walk 10 - Heritage Park to Erlton Station (p98)

Glenmore Dam Sandy Beach, Elbow River Stanley Park, Elbow River

Walk 11 - Erlton Station to Old Refinery Park (p108)

Stampede Park Slater Park & Irrigation Canal Slater Park & Irrigation Canal

Walk 12 - Old Refinery Park to Douglasdale (p121)

Beaverdam Flats Park Beaverdam Flats Park Carburn Park

Walk 13 - Douglasdale to Cranston (p130)

South end of Poplar Island Bow River & Bankside Chinook Rotary Nature Park

Walk 14 - Mountain Park to Woodlands (p139)

Mountain Park/Fish Creek Park Votier's Flats South of Raven Rocks

Walk 15 - Woodlands to Fish Creek-Lacombe (p148)

Woodbine Escarpment Shannon Terrace, Fish Creek Looking towards Woodlands

Walk 16 - Fish Creek-Lacombe to Chaparral (p158)

Shaw's Meadow Bow Valley Ranch West of Bow Valley Ranch


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