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Meet the Author - David Peyto

David is the publisher and author behind Peyto Lake Books, founded in 2002. He has published four books of the edited journals of his grandfather, Walter H. Peyto. Walter was the earliest District One Fire and Game Warden in Rocky Mountain Park, later renamed Banff National Park. This series of four Banff Town Warden books covers the period 1914 to 1941.

David Peyto at the Peyto Lake viewpoint.
Photo by Carol Christensen

In 2003 David published Volumes One and Two of Bill Peyto Guide to Canadian Rockies Trivia. These books are named after his great uncle, Bill Peyto, who worked as a guide and park warden in the Banff area. Peyto Lake is named after Bill Peyto.

In 2005 David published Walk Calgary's Escarpments and Bluffs. The book is a 177 km route of 16 connected walks along the escarpments of the Bow and Elbow Rivers and Fish and Nose Creeks.

In 2013 the first two books in a series of walking guides were published.

Calgary LRT Walks: The Northwest Stations describes 36 routes from the 9 stations. The walks range in length from 2.1 km to 10.8 km.

Calgary LRT Walks: The South Stations describes 38 routes from the 11 stations. The walks range in length from 2.1 km to 12.3 km.

Additional guide books in this series are currently being researched.

Discover North Calgary's Parks and Green Spaces, Discover Southeast Calgary's Parks and Green Spaces and Discover Southwest Calgary's Parks and Green Spaces were published between 2006 and 2008.

David is a retired elementary school physical education teacher. He is interested in walking and local history. He and his wife, Linda, live in Calgary, Alberta.

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